Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is an evening length dance theater work about food, the folklore of our food traditions and examines the social and environmental impacts of our global industrialized food systems.

Amara Tabor-Smith
Ellen Sebastian Chang
Performers: Eyla Moore, Melanie Cutchon, Stephanie Bastos, Aimee Suzara, Zakiya Harris, Tossie Long, Fe Bongolan, Alicia Marie Walters, Pippa Fleming, Amara Tabor-Smith
Aimee Suzara, Elizabeth Summers, Fe Bongolan
Original music:
Ajayi Lumumba Jackson, Guy de Chalus
Lighting Design:
Darl Andrew Packard
Erica Jordan
Costume Design:
Dana Kawano
45 minutes
Premiere at CounterPULSE Theater, SF, CA- April 2011

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