Mongrels And Objects

An evening length piece of solo and duo work, including a contemporary response  to a 1986 work by the celebrated Paris-based duo Elsa Wolliatson and Yano.

Mongrels and Objects interweaves choreographic approaches as a means to navigate intimate movement histories rife with enduring questions around ancestral, aesthetic and national terrain.

Headmistress; Amara Tabor-Smith and Sherwood Chen


Lighting Design:
Darl Andrew Packard, Ellen Sebastian Chang


Dumisani Maraire, Nina Simone, Hamid Zahir, Franco Battiato


Amara Tabor Smith; Sherwood Chen with Ghawazee Coletivo de Ação, Ruli Moretti and Manu Sobral; Sojourner Truth


Amara Tabor-Smith and Sherwood Chen



Mongrels And Objects  premiered at CounterPULSE Theater, SF. Oct. 2013