House/Full of BlackWomen

House/Full of BlackWomen is a site specific ritual performance project that addresses issues of displacement, well being, and sex trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland.

Set in various public sites throughout Oakland over a two-year period, this community engaged project is performed as a series of “Episodes” that are driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to breathe, and be well within a stable home?”

House/Full of blackwomen will be performed in public sites throughout Oakland, CA between November 2015-Fall 2018
Conceived and Choreography by:
Amara Tabor-Smith
Ellen Sebastian Chang
Core Performers:
Colette Eloi, Chris Evans, Regina Evans, Pippa Fleming, Zakiya Harris, Tossie Long, Rami Margron, Nkei Oruche, Karen Ransom, Shelley Davis Roberts,  Keisha Turner, Amara Tabor-Smith, Valerie Troutt, Erica Wilson.
List of completed Episodes (as of November 2017)
– “We Are Here To Stay”- (November 2015)
– “Song Circle: The Pleasure of Blackness in an Age of Redemption” ( January, September 2016)
– “Point of Transition” (March 2016)
– “Now You See Me” (May 2016)
– “The Meaning of Canaries” (October 2016)
– “Now You See Me (FLY)”- (December 2016)
– “Black Women Dreaming”- (March 2017)
– “Declaration Of Love”- (May 2017)
Supported from:
Creative Capital
Creative Work Fund
Susan Sillins Foundation
City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program

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