House/Full of BlackWomen

House/Full of BlackWomen is a site specific ritual performance project that addresses issues of displacement, well being, and sex trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland.

Set in various public sites throughout Oakland over a two-year period, this community engaged project is performed as a series of “Episodes” that are driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to breathe, and be well within a stable home?”

Project Leads

Conceived/Choreographed by:
Amara Tabor-Smith
Ellen Sebastian Chang
House/Full of
Blackwomen will be performed in public sites throughout Oakland, CA between November 2015-Fall 2018


Core Performers:
Colette Eloi, Chris Evans, Regina Evans, Pippa Fleming, Zakiya Harris, Tossie Long, Rami Margron, Nkei Oruche, Karen Ransom, Shelley Davis Roberts,  Keisha Turner, Amara Tabor-Smith, Valerie Troutt, Erica Wilson.
List of completed Episodes (as of November 2017)
“We Are Here To Stay”– (November 2015)
“Song Circle: The Pleasure of Blackness
in an Age of Redemption”
( January, September 2016)
“Point of Transition” (March 2016)
“Now You See Me” (May 2016)
“The Meaning of Canaries” (October 2016)
“Now You See Me (FLY)”– (December 2016)
“Black Women Dreaming”– (March 2017)
“Declaration Of Love”– (May 2017)


Support from:
Creative Capital
Creative Work Fund
Susan Sillins Foundation
Oakland Cultural Funding Program
MAP Fund

Sam Mazza Foundation
The Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Richard C. Munroe Foundation

and the Akonadi Foundation

Other media