Deep Waters Dance Theater is an ensemble of performing artists creating work that is rooted in ritual and explores the issues facing people of color and the environment. Drawing from the folklore of our cultural heritages and traditions we are committed to creating dance theater that promotes healing from environmental, sexual and racial oppression. This is achieved through a process that engages in community dialogues, social activism, storytelling and the re-telling of our cultural myths and legends which we believe are the blueprints for our survival. Much of our creative process revolves around an internal ritual and practice that enables us to gain mutual understanding and respect amongst ourselves, and thereby supports each member to develop as an artist and cultural activist committed to social change through art making.

List of Completed works

“Our Daily Bread”- Premiered at CounterPULSE, SF, CA-2011
Choreography- Amara Tabor-Smith
Directed by- Ellen Sebastian Chang
Text by- Aimee Suzara, Mona Webb, Elizabeth Sommers
Music- Ajayi Lumumba Jackson

“Tossing Faith Deep”- Premiered at Black Choreographer’s here and now Festival, Oakland, CA- 2008
Choreography by Amara Tabor-Smith
Music- Ajayi Lumumba Jackson, Nina Simone, Bobi Cespedes

“Soul Hungry”- Premiered at Laney Theater, Oakland, CA- 2008
Choreography- Amara Tabor-Smith in collaboration w/ DWDT
Text- Aimee Suzara
Music- Ajayi Lumumba Jackson

“Count/Fire Next Time”- Premiered at Laney Theater- Oakland, CA-2008
Choreography- Amara Tabor-Smith
Music- Ajayi Lumumba Jackson
Text- Speech by Stephanie Tubbs Jones

“Precious Dirt”- Premiered at CounterPULSE Theater, SF, CA- 2007
Choreography by Amara Tabor-Smith
Music by Ajayi Lumumba Jackson

“Identimony”- Premiered at The Living Word Festival, SF,CA 2007
Choreography by Amara Tabor-Smith
Text by members of Deep Waters Dance Theater
Music by Ajayi Lumumba Jackson

“Scratching the Womb”- Premiered at Dance Mission Theater, SF, CA- 2006
Choreography by Amara Tabor-Smith
Text by- members of Deep Waters Dance Theater
Music by- Nina Simone, folksong from the Georgia sea Islands
This piece examines the experience of depression among women of color

Creative Work Fund
Zellerbach Family Foundation
East Bay Community Arts Foundation Fund for Artists
CA$H/Theater Bay Area
Deep Waters Dance Theater residency at Laney College Theater; 2008
CounterPULSE Artist in Residency; 2008-09.